Our Role in the Community

Community is at the core of Western United FC.

Victoria’s Western Corridor is the fastest growing population region in Australia with more than 1.2 million local residents and a broader regional catchment of 1.8 million. It is also home to almost half of Victoria’s community football participants. The establishment of Western United FC gives this football community of the West a strong identity and opportunity to combine grassroots football with the elite game for both men's and women's leagues

Our community is culturally deserve, vibrant and exciting. A destination community for new and multi-generational Australians to lay roots and thrive. The club's role in the community is to demonstrate the significant health and social benefits of the game and to encourage participation within the region and to optimise the unique and sustainable benefits of sport. As well as being an example of inclusion and tolerance which our World Game is in a unique position to achieve.

With the significant demand for community football infrastructure to support unprecedented growth in population and participation. Western United FC determination to build a unique world-class football stadium and sporting precinct is just part of the club’s commitment back to the community.